Rebuilding after divorce: Know what you’re thinking (part 1)

  • I need a copy of my official divorce decree from my second divorce to get remarried.
  • I will visit an office to get a copy of the decree.
  • It will cost 25 cents to get the copy made.
  • A person will wait on me at this office.
  • “My mom should quit telling me how to live my life.”
  • “She’s from the old days and she just doesn’t understand.”
  • “She is so controlling and I hate going to visit her.”
  • “Last Friday, mom said ‘you should quit dating losers.’”
  • “I can’t believe I ever married that douche.”
    “Men can’t be trusted.”
  • “I will never get married again.”
  • “My husband had an affair after 12 years of marriage.”




certified coach, former on-air chick, mama, boomer

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Dawn Ziegerer

Dawn Ziegerer

certified coach, former on-air chick, mama, boomer

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